Honey, I’m Home!

Welcome to your gateway to all things squabbi! You can check out some of my projects, hobbies & interests. I hope to fill these pages with cool and exciting things ~

About Me

Hobbling along the road I found myself liking technology, mostly consumer desktop and laptops, mobile technology in the phone department; and now mechanical keyboards (what a world of hurt and pain… for my wallet).

At home is just a world of tinkering, Raspberry Pi’s, setting up a modest home server, playing around with the home network – and probably being the single cause of most of our household’s internet downtime…

Currently I’m studying IT as a university student in Sydney, Australia.


You can read further with my projects by clicking here! Otherwise, I’ve put down a few that I believe are most notable! 😊

MaowDroid on YouTube

I have a YouTube channel called MaowDroid where I post mostly tutorials on how to do particular things with your Google Pixel phone, and on the rare occasion that I have a phone other than a Pixel. My videos cover rooting your phone, updating it whilst it’s rooted and trying out custom ROMs – and most things in-between. I try to make them as easy to follow as possible!

I’ve had a lot of fun over the years, engaging and building a community of people who want to try out things, and learn new things!


I’ve also developed a few different projects over the years. Some of my notable work have been working on Toolkits for Android devices – the Nexus 6P; and contributing to ACCA (Advanced Charging Controller App). I’m very grateful to have been able to work with amazing people along the way, I’ve definitely learnt a lot!

Squabbi’s Nexus 6P Toolkit

XDA Developers Thread

One day I thought it would be great to try make a tool that I would use myself – something useful and practical. Before I was just horsing around with VB.NET creating dummy programs that didn’t do anything – just to create user interfaces, because that was really interesting to me back in the day.

It still is, but now I know it requires a lot more work when it comes to coupling the UI and the back end.

Toolkit’s Main Menu

This was the final revision of the toolkit, it had a Windows Modern & Material Design – connected to an online source to populate the SuperSU, OTA, Factory Image, TWRP and Modified Boot Images on startup and had its own update checker.

This design was then back-ported to my older toolkits that I was still supporting. But as with most things, keeping it up to date couldn’t be my full time job – things come up and I had to create a final release of it.

Toolkit’s Factory Image flashing tab

I was super proud of the Factory Image flashing tab. I would probably still use it today if I didn’t like typing on my keyboard so much today.

ACCA (Advanced Charging Controller App)

XDA Developers Thread


I helped provide a facelift for ACCA, a frontend app for ACC, a CLI program that allows you to exercise greater control over how your battery charges in the hopes you’ll be able to use it with established battery charging techniques for longevity of the battery (not just day to day battery usage).

I read that another member was creating an app to help configure and set up ACC to your liking – they wanted some help in the UI department, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to put into practice what I ended up learning at university.

This was my initial design for it…

ACCM Dashboard

Soon after I was invited to chat with the developers so we could all collaborate and work together on the project. This was my first real experience with collaborative coding in a way – it was really exciting and I had a lot of things planned already!

Take a look at the app today and see how that’s gone!