Click clack, thick thock.

Hello Clackity Cat! 👋 🐈

Ahh... so you've stumbled upon my keyboard collection! It's not much, but I really do enjoy this hobby when time and money permits! These are quite basic, but they're some of my fondest memories in recent history. I am someone who likes cool and unique designs, and being able to have a hand in making these is just another draw into this adventure!

Under Construction!

Hi there! Thanks for checking this out early! Well, I didn't have time to make everything actually work and have all the pictures and all that so just bear with me for the moment. We've got more family members to add here, along with their pictures, sound samples and a backstory for all of them so keep your eyes peeled for updates in the future!

So nothing works right now!

Keeb Kollection

Here you'll find more information and a little showcase of the keyboards that I have, or had before.
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ErgoDox Keyboard


Pan-pan, half split ortholinear keyboard.

My first 'custom' mechanical keyboard, of course it had to be outragous compared with all the ones I've owned previously, which were just plain, plasic black slabs.
SPACE65:CyberVoyager Keyboard


A premium 65% keeb featuring a chonky two-tone aluminium design.

My first notion of an 'endgame' keyboard (yeah right). I appreciate the 65% layout with dedicated arrow keys and a few extra buttons to serve as other function keys.
The Rest

Now for the rest of the crew! I wanted to explore a few different layouts and along with that different switches.